I'm a designer building things that have an effect beyond what you see on a screen. With a keen focus on the possibilities of the digital, my interests lie in the breaking point between creating and building things that have a lasting impression.

With a background where design process has always been more important than design result, I work towards using design as an idea as opposed to a tool. And I have an interest in the definition of a designer in a modern product process, and what design can contribute way beyond the visual. This interest has led me to question what exactly a designers role is within any team, process or collaboration, and I have a big belief in a pragmatic design approach. Enabling designers—pushing our toolset beyond the aesthetic, towards the nitty-gritty, rolling-our-sleeves-up understanding of how the things we design gets built.

Passionately interested in the immense potential of mobile, and some of the possibilities with the platform. Used to work as the Lead Product Designer for SoundCloud’s Mobile team. Occasionally write, share and talk about things I’m interested in and passionate about.